Pain Should Have Purpose

Hold Hand

You ask me to wait. You keep asking me to wait, and you don’t understand why I grow impatient over and over again. You’re confused why I can’t just be happy while I wait.

Waiting for you causes me pain, my dear one. It brings me heartache and sorrow. Loneliness fills me as I wait for you.

That is okay. Loneliness is supposed to hurt. It is supposed to tear at our guts and make us feel broken. Otherwise, loneliness could be temptress that keeps us in solitude all of our days. It is supposed to hurt, and you are worth the pain. You are worth the agony and the wait.

But I need to know that my pain has purpose. I need to know that you hear me and feel me while I endure the wait. I’m not asking that you speed your journey or make your journey a false, truncated one. I want your journey to be splendid and full and as large and amazing as a journey should be.

I can wait for it to be completed in its entirety.

But I need you to hold my hand while I wait. I need to know that you understand my journey as well. That way, I know that you’ll be waiting for me when we both come to the ends of our journeys. I need to know that at the end of this lonely journey I am taking, I will not be alone.

The warmth of your hand gives my pain purpose.


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