Truth Beneath the Tide

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Status: Rewriting

Description: This is a 74,000 word science fiction novel.


Kyle Graham’s service to the Zoaman deities is exemplary, until he finds a forbidden picture that shows him a small fragment of hidden history. It shows Kyle that the Zoamans have repressed all human knowledge as well as origins of both races on the planet.

Kyle attempts to remain discreet with his knowledge while he tries to figure out its meaning, but the Zoamans realize what Kyle has found and fear their secrets are about to be revealed. Out of fear for their own lives, the Zoamans imprison Kyle and his companions. They urge their human followers to remain faithful despite rumors of the mysterious picture.

Meanwhile, an unfortunate event causes an innocent woman to break one of the Zoamans regulations, which causes her death. Extremists on both sides rise up in response. Faithful Zoaman worshipers try to take freedom away from the people in order to force obedience, while those who feel oppressed lead a rebellion against the Zoamans.

Kyle must decide whether the truth he discovered is worth the rift the rebellion has created between families and friends; and he must act quickly to keep their fragile society from crumbling.


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