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Tiffany’s Beginnings

Tiffany Robbins is the type of person that always imagined she could do anything. She had always enjoyed creating and threw her mind into any creative outlet she could find. She always had thought that she had a novel somewhere in her, but she never sat down with the dedication to get it out on paper. Until…some friends and family challenged her to write a novel in one month.

With much enthusiasm, Tiffany sat down with her husband, Cameron, and plotted out the idea for a science fiction novel based on the premise of coral-human hybrids that have stolen the humans’ ability to read and write.

Tiffany threw herself into her new challenge with great success, for a week.

In her book, she decided that she wanted to kill a character. After all, what better way to get religious zealots to start committing atrocities than to kill an innocent woman? However, Tiffany found out that it is not so easy to write about violence. Agony took over her life as she realized that the dream of writing a novel was going to be out of her reach.

Tiffany spent the next six months feeling very depressed about her lost dream. At this point, she was twenty-eight years old and feeling as though her twenties had passed her by and she had nothing to show for them. Overcome by a feeling of ruthless determination, Tiffany decided that she would put the remaining year and a half of her twenties to good use.

The next morning at 5:30 am, she sat down at a fast food joint with an unhealthy breakfast and an unsweetened iced tea, and she killed an innocent woman with ink and five sheets of college-rule notebook paper.

Five months later, she had the rough draft to her first novel, Truth Beneath the Tide. She now continues to write and has several works in progress.

Brief Biography

Tiffany Robbins was born in Kettering, Ohio to Johnny and Cathy Lee. She moved around a lot through out her youth, but mainly kept to the midwest where she still resides. She attended most of her elementary years and all of her high school years in Tarkio, Missouri which she still considers to be her home town and one of the greatest places on Earth. It is a small town where everyone knows everything and they have no idea how much of a gem they have.

Tiffany went to a community college and holds an associate degree in Computer Programming, but found out that her passions lie elsewhere. She loves working with computer graphics and will do anything that gives her a creative outlet.

She married Cameron E. Robbins in 2003, and remains happily by his side. They keep pet rats, which are the love of their lives, and a pet dog named Waylan.


Some of Tiffany’s short stories can be found in Fine Lines, a quarterly literary journal collection of essays and poetry from writers of all ages.

On January 18, 2013, Tiffany had a 50 word story hosted by http://fiftywordstories.com/.


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