To my Family…


July 26, 2016 by Tiffany A. Robbins

When I was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was a fifteen-year-old child. I made emotional decisions based on hormones and trying to find my place in the world. At the time, I thought I was making a sound decision. As sound of a decision as a fifteen-year-old is capable of making.

As I grew, I had feelings of doubt and wonder, but I knew I had dedicated myself to a set of ideas and values and I did everything in my power to live up to that dedication and make it truly my own.

However, as I lived my life, I came to the conclusion that the life of dedication I’d promised was not the life that would make and keep me happy. I no longer agreed with the teachings and practices found inside the Kingdom Hall, and in good conscience I needed to leave the organization.

It was never my intention to leave you, my family. My allegiance to the Watchtower Society and its governing body may be gone, but my love for you is eternal.

Having my family turn their backs on me simply because I no longer agree with their religious beliefs breaks my heart more than I can convey to you, but I will not allow myself to be emotionally coerced by returning to that religion. Know that I struggle daily with grief because you are constantly in my heart and I miss you. I dream that one day you will understand the harsh cruelty on removing yourself from my life, and that you will allow us to repair our family bonds. I will be waiting with open arms and open heart for the day you can allow me back into your life.

– With All My Love –
Tiffany A. Robbins


2 thoughts on “To my Family…

  1. Janee Lee says:

    You are one of the strongest, most amazing women in the world. I have felt privileged to have you in my life. I feel sorry for your family! They are missing out. Hopefully someday they will be able to see past all the judgement and just LOVE.


    • Thank you, Sweetheart! I have that same hope. That hope is a beautiful thing that gets me through the darkness I feel from their words everyday. I love them so much, and hope with all my heart that one day they feel safe to show me the mass amounts of love that I know they feel for me in their hearts.


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