A Response to Trisha Lynn and the Drama of ConQuesT 46


February 22, 2016 by Tiffany A. Robbins

I received a comment from Trisha Lynn on my blog post ConQuesT 45: 10 Things I Learned from Selina Rosen: “Based on the recent Facebook post by a Fan Guest of Honor who was on the same panel as Ms. Rosen, I’m curious as to why you felt empowered by her taking her pants off during a panel. Can you help me put her actions into context? Based on Mark Oshiro’s words, he didn’t similarly feel empowered by her actions at ConQuesT 46 when she did the same thing on the panel about whether or not fans are open-minded.”

I have a few things I’d like to say regarding this comment and the fact that I was quoted on another blog at Mark Oshiro Says ConQuesT Didn’t Act On His Harassment Complaints.

1) I feel like I’m getting dragged into the drama of ConQuesT 46 when I was not even in attendance. Shame on all involved for dragging a fan into this drama. It is entirely inappropriate. I should not have to justify my thoughts on the convention I attended. My blog post was complete on my thoughts and comments. I should not have to expound upon them further. My blog comments were entirely in the spirit of a fan enjoying the event of ConQuesT 45 and my experiences with Ms. Rosen AND Mr. Oshiro.

2) I have never had a personal conversation with Mark Oshiro, but I have sat in on a few of his ConQuesT panels. I do not know his work, so I can’t really call myself a fan, but from listening to him talk on panels, I had really liked the man. I’m going to quote myself here “We finished the day with ‘The Art of Adaptation: Different Media, Different Approaches’ where there was a lively discussion of book to movie adaptations. There, I fell in love with Mark Oshiro. He’s a witty man with very similar viewpoints as myself and my husband. He’s quite lovable as well.” from my blog post Conquest 45 Noir.

3) I am and remain a big fan of Ms. Rosen. I’ve only read one of her novels, but I fell in love with her personality from the two times I’ve been to ConQuesT. She is lively, articulate on her strong opinions, and she is a strong woman. No, I do not always agree with her. In fact, I often greatly disagree with her and her methods of dealing with situations. It in no way changes my respect for her. She doesn’t need me to agree with her for her to be comfortable in her skin. We can disagree, and it in no way takes away from her person. That’s the biggest reason I like the woman. So, in my opinion, she can pull her pants down whenever she wants. Her white legged exposure at ConQuesT 45 was in no way indecent, and no one was assaulted by anything more than her wit, charm, and strong opinions. And honestly, if that’s not what you’re looking for, then you probably shouldn’t go to a convention filled with writers. If the writers at a convention are going to be overtly nice and congenial, I’m not going to pay a hefty entry fee to go listen to their polite little opinions. I go to conventions because of the lively discussion of various opinions from very opinionate writers. If I leave feeling strongly about something, even if that feeling is offense, then in my opinion, the panelists have done their jobs and done them well.

4) I was not present at ConQuesT 46 and cannot speak to the events that happened there.



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