Early, On-Time, Late, or Never


May 29, 2013 by Tiffany A. Robbins

Any group of friends needs at least one of each type of person; one to be early, one to be on-time, one to be late, and one who just plain doesn’t show up. We all love and appreciate each one, through we often crab about the late one, we poke fun of the early one, and we just plain harass the one that never shows up.

Me, I’m always the early one. Generally, if I’m not early, that means I’m not coming. I guess I always am the overachiever of the group. That’s not a boast mind you. Yes, I’m the one with the printed maps, the coupons, the over-thought costume/sports attire, and the zip lock baggies for the phones to go in before we get on the water rides; but as such, I think I get harassed the most and must suffer the anxiety for the group.

I, however, am not the leader. That falls to the one who is on-time or maybe minimally late.

What does this have to do with writing? Not much except that I am currently writing. Actually, while waiting for my group of friends to show up last night (I was half an hour early), I was contemplating what I could blog about today. This is what I came up with.

So, who are you? Are you the one early, on-time, late, or do you struggle to even show up?


Also, one of my friends has asked me to help him with writing some fiction for his video game. Have you ever done this sort of writing, and if so, what advice do you have for a n00b?


One thought on “Early, On-Time, Late, or Never

  1. Would never not show up. Want to say I am getting better, but truthfully I am the late one. I like to think I am getting better about this…


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