NaPoWriMo: Evil Thoughts

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April 1, 2013 by Tiffany A. Robbins

Evil Thoughts

Sulky with envy and mean with spite, evil thoughts wake me all through my flat broke night.

Shadowed motives lurk behind my kin, showing exactly how jealous I have been.

Sunshine of gold and rains of comfort, cascade down on you with little effort.

I’m cruel in heart and in all this time, it’s eaten at me and I rot at my crime.




All fall on you while I’m in muck.


You now face a wretched, unwished fate, I’m sorry I willed your new, sad welfare state.

An impoverished level knocked you down, so you sit with me with your ass on the ground.

Though you can still schmooze your way through new dusts, to find a new niche enviable by lusts.

I now weep for the obvious way, I know your heart aches moments after payday.

My arms long to wrap you up in hugs, and protect you from the monthly billing thugs.

You should stay forever unawares, of the raw motives of my evil jade stares.

But I soar to know you never will. For fortitude and grace are your beautiful skill.

You face the world with optimism, and now I’ll envy your grand altruism.


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