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September 7, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins

I have two novel ideas and two months to decide which one to put together in November. I’m excited about both of them, but I’ll have problems with both of them because they require magic world building which I have NEVER done and I don’t read much of that so have little experience with it. Vote below for your favorite! All input is welcome.

Idea 1: This is my people on a bus idea that I’ve talked about before. It’s the story of a shape-shifting being (the bus) who is dying, and his rider (the bus driver) takes this group of flawed but normal seeming humans on a grand adventure to attempt to save his bus.

Pros: I’ve already developed most of my story arc. My characters are firmly in hand. I’ve enjoyed writing my test scenes of character interaction. I also feel like this would be an extremely original idea once put down on paper.

Cons: The world building involved intimidates me. I would need to develop a whole system of gods/aliens/magic/whatever to make this story work. I would need to pull in some other authors for help which involves gas money that I may or may not have. When I write it, I’ll have difficulties being specific with these things.

Idea 2: This idea came to me in a very lucid dream involving the worst aspects of some of my family members. It begins with the death of the Earth’s guardian over all things unmagical. His stepson has been unknowingly undoing the barrier between our unmagical world and the world of magic. This allows the “prince of magic” to escape into our world and kill the guardian. Once this happens, more magic begins to slowly creep in through the cracks between worlds. The guardians daughters become aware that they have inherited some of his abilities and it is the story of the them trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Pros: I find the piece to be very fun and personal. The settings and characters are familiar to me and already developed.

Cons: Once again, I may have some of the problems with world building the magic since it’s once again out of my genre. I may also run into family issues if someone doesn’t like the way they’re portrayed, but honestly, the ones who would be offended would never read my stuff anyway.


6 thoughts on “Vote On My Next Project

  1. A big vote for number 1. I am already intrigued and excited about it. It is ORIGINAL. I can see how you could build compassion, tension, and adventure into it and even have it be believable. Do you really need magic, aliens, etc. or could you just write it here and now and make it character driven? Just a thought… Good luck!


  2. Towim Coots says:

    I am going to go with the guardian story. I think it would have more understandible elements to it to ground your reader, instead of taking them out of a comfort zone, you instead insinuate that there is something far more convoluted about their comfortt zones. Good strong primise, plus as you say, the largest unique issue you have with it is pretty null and void as they wouldn’t read it. I would! ^^ But I am narsisistic like that.


    • Tiffany A. Robbins says:

      Well, and you wouldn’t be insulted by it since you’re one of the heroins (is that right? or are female heros also drugs?)


  3. I like the first one best. One, because you have characters and a compelling reason for them all to be mashed together. Two, because while possibly sci-fi/fantasy, it doesn’t seem horribly over the top to me. It’s unique. If I read that little description you just wrote on the back of a paperback at the store, I’d think, “Hmm, this sounds like an interesting read. Let’s buy it!”

    The second one (and I’m being honest, so don’t skewer me and roast me over an open fire) is cliche. I have at least 3 books with the same “core” on my shelf right now. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work, or you couldn’t make it work with your epic novel-fu writing, just that I’d be less interested in reading it, personally. Cliche, as Jenn likes to say, is cliche for a reason.


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