International 3 Day Novel Contest


September 7, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins

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Dream Writing

I decided to get some sun and relax a bit by the pool toward the end of my novel. I didn’t actually write my novel in the pool, but I later blogged while in the pool.

From the moment my sister. J.C. Towim, sent me a link to the hotel she’d booked for us for 3-Day Novel, I dreamed of writing while lounging in the pool. That is what I am doing right now as I write.

Towim writing in the hotel lounge.

This is me, writing in the hotel lounge, or really pretending to white I take photos because I was so inspired by the lighting.

I just spent three solid days writing a novella from beginning to end. I finished it about an hour ago. I set down my pen, paper, and research notes put on my sister’s bathing suit; and han an overwhelming urge to blog.

So, here it is. I haven’t blogged or really written much of anything since March of this year. I’ve had stories. I’ve had ideas, but I hadn’t yet put pen to paper for anything other than brainstorming sessions. (Yes, I still write with pen and paper)

I think it is amazing that when I do something creative, it creates more than an object or artwork. It creates a need to create.

Likewise, when something causes a lapse in creativity, the hole only gets bigger. I had made an emotionally traumatizing choice back in March and I almost immediately knew that I couldn’t write. I could barely face the consequences of my choice when I made it, so I knew I would be unable to face the emotional consequences as well. I’m sure a lot of writers feel similarly in that it is difficult to write without exposing part of their own soul.

I needed a shield for my soul, so I closed my notebook and I set down my pen, but I also created a commitment to opening that notebook back up and lifting my pen again when I signed up for my second go at the annual 3-Day Novel contest over Labor day weekend.

I stuck to that commitment and now I’m enjoying the rewards after three days of sleepless nights and hotel lounge food. I have one more “novel” under my belt and now I’m once again writing for the sheet enjoyment of doing so. The bonus: I’m sitting in a pool white doing so!

I guess that means that one of these days I need to explain my relationship to water with you, but for now, I’m going to knock off a few of my other writing to-dos and work on my sunburn.


One thought on “International 3 Day Novel Contest

  1. pam says:

    Love this post, Tiffany!

    You are so right that creating something not only leaves us with “the object of creation” but with the desire / NEED to create more.

    Glad I am that you’ve picked up your pen again.

    Here’s to a “new year” of creative endeavors!


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