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April 10, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins

I wanted to share with you a tiny sliver of my creative process.

This is a photo of my brainstorming session for my next prospective novel outline. In the back are thumbnail pictures that I’m using as inspiration (flavor & texture) for my novel. None of them are mine and they can be found in the street photography category on

The cup contains rosemary-lemon herbal tea. I always take the lid & cozy off because Black Dog Coffee house always serves their drinks far too hot for my sensitive mouth. The plate had a nom-ilicious piece of carrot cake, which I usually don’t indulge in, but my friend, Anne, gave me a gift card and I felt I had to splurge with it. (Thanks Anne!)

The notepad is under there somewhere, but today, I’m note taking directly on my outline. I have my purple pen out. All the different pen colors are for different moods. Usually, I paint my pen tabs with different colors and give them nicknames like the pen of power and precious prose, but my last bundle was stolen by a Chili’s waitress and I have been too depressed about them to redo the new bundle. i need to get on that.

Most importantly is my outline page. It has all my little plot, character, weather, and setting arcs neatly color coded for building tension, climax, and resolution. Then I go section by section and fill in the details for each bit so that they mesh together while progressing independently.

Usually, I have my ipod of Koby tablet for music (because coffee houses tend to be distracting), but I hadn’t intended to write today so my earphones are sitting on my nightstand.

(Blog was written on Friday, April 6th. I’ll post another blog soon about my weekend writing with my sister.)


One thought on “Coffee House #1 Blog

  1. pam says:

    This is indeed a thing of beauty! I love it and I especially love that it is all “portable” – the thumbnails. the outline, the notebook and pens.


    go easy -p


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