Reblog: The Sky is Blue

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April 5, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins


Any of you who knew me in highschool have heard me say these words almost exactly (lacking the curse words of course). I have always hated the way literature classes made me pick apart my favorite works of fiction with no regard what the author was actually writing about.

Now, as an author I have two new perspectives of this. 1) Sometimes the sky is just blue. 2) Sometimes it means sadness, hope, sensualism, or carpe diem.

Terribly confusing, right?

But I’ve experienced both. Sometimes I’m writing just for the fun of it. I concentrating on the character and the plot and there is really nothing more to it. There’s no lesson or moral of the story. There’s no deeper meaning behind anything.

Then there are the times when a character takes hold of me and as I’m writing, I realize that the character has something more to say. Oddly, at those times, the less I work at trying to say something, the more that something comes together in the end.

I must admit that my current state of thought on this matter is quite confused. I have come to appreciate more of the deeper literature references in life, but I still refuse to believe that Kafka’s metamorphosis is any more that a boy turning into a cockroach.

I mean, can’t a boy turn into a cockroach without anyone picking apart his psyche?


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