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March 14, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins

Look at the geese as they flock to the bread crumbs thrown by the children who ignore the “Don’t feed the wildlife” signs posted strategically about the park. Suppress your urge to tell them they need to stop because their absent minded parents are standing nearby, and you know it is their job to issue such commands though their own lifeless concerns are more important than their children or the mental health of the wildlife.

Make your way to the stone steps that angle across the pond in a precarious way. Wait as each child and parent walks tentatively across each gap and safely onto the next step. Ponder the lack of soaking wet children, and know that you were once the type of child who would have ‘accidently’ fallen into the waiting arms of the water.

Move out onto the stone steps, one foot in front of the other. Be careful; you are now an adult and cannot afford such ‘accidents’ as you desire. Watch each foot. Make sure it lands squarely and securely.

Look deep into the water on each side of the stone steps. Allow the depths to fill you as this is why you came. Fill your soul with the complexity of the water’s surface and feel the emptiness inside you begin to fill with things more worthy than the absence that consumes you since the world became this crazy place of existence.  Forget that every person who was meant to help you has left and leaves you broken. Ignore the toxins and chemicals of the world around you that fill your air, water, food, and mind with their corrosive nature. Leave behind all those negative things that have no place with the quacking of the ducks and the laughter of the children who can’t yet read restrictive signs.

Absorb the summery sun into your skin and leave behind the staleness of winter. Remember in this one moment all the things in life that you live for. Hold them tight to you. Know that they are worth the battle, the fight, and the war. Wrestle any foe that tries to stop the gentle breezes that land delicately upon bits of hair which brush against your face.

Breathe deep because there is life here that can overcome your melancholy. Cherish that life and keep it close in your mind. Take that picture you wish to keep on the forefront of your life, but take it with your mind and not the expensive, fashionable chunk of metal hanging upon your neck.

Keep walking. Keep moving as you have a whole life ahead of you that you must keep living.


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