Writing Dilemma


February 23, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins

I am having some issues with my upcoming writing assignment for my writers group. The theme is “Chaos Follows” and is meant to show the embodiment of the chaotic wake that a person carries around behind them.

Problem #1: The character cannot be the cause of the chaotic wake either knowingly or unknowingly. The exercise hints that it could be attributed to just plain bad luck; however, I do not believe in luck so this doesn’t mesh with my view of the world.

Problem #2: The wake cannot be the result of magic. I read this to include divine and celestial causes, which basically leads me to have zero motivation for the chaotic wake.

I should have gone and met with some of my writing peoples last night at the coffee house to discuss this, but I had neglected my domestic duties and had to make a choice between one or the other. The threat of possible in-laws staying at my house this weekend made the choice a no-brainer. However, this leaves me with no rough draft and I always have my rough draft ready in week one and then I can tweak it all through week two. I am officially behind as of today.

I hope that getting this out there into blogland will help me to get my head around this assignment. I HAVE to have a rough draft finished today or tomorrow even if it’s terrible. Any insights from you will be greatly appreciated. If not, well, I’ll figure something out. I’m sure I’m just over thinking the whole thing. If I can’t come to terms with my issues, then I’ll have the universe smiting my character with the shadow of a meteor rotating on three axes.


One thought on “Writing Dilemma

  1. Kirby says:

    perhaps toy with the idea of an con-artist, or a manipulative attractive woman causing trouble


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