Flatland Final and Updates of Life

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February 8, 2012 by Tiffany A. Robbins

I finished Flatland in one night after my last blog about it. (See Flatland and Poe on this blog). It continued in its epic fashion until the very end. The liberal slant I found so fascinating in it turn more toward the theological as the it concluded. Of course, the main character is a two-dimensional being who is hurled into a three-dimensional world and grasps the concept of four dimensions – I suppose that was inevitable. I still highly recommend it as a great read and I am thrilled to have added it to my literary repertoire.

My next reading adventure will be either Animal Farm by George Orwell or Appoloosa by Robert B Parker. Both were recommended by my sister. I’ve read George Orwell before and had strong reactions, so I’m excited for that one. She recommended Appoloosa to me as an exercise in dialogue. I kind of want to start with that one, but I just ordered it and it’ll still be a few days before it arrives. We’ll see if I have the patience to wait or if I delve into something else in the interim.

I’ve had a lot of real life drama going on lately and it has taken its toll on my fiction. There has been very little time in which I’ve set aside writing blocks. My family has been a little turned upside down by family matters of which I torn feelings. It involved the death of my great-aunt for which I am terribly sad, but it means that my grandma moved closer to me and now I can get to know her much better. I’m so excited to have her as a more permanent fixture in my life.

I have had two bouts of illness in the past month. One was a head cold, the other was a terrible stomach flu – compliments of the sister. I’m starting to feel back to normal now and I’m hoping my creativity returns with my health.

I’ve got more Fractions of Fiction to share with my  readers. Some of it I have mixed feelings about sharing, but I’ll break down and do it anyway. I’m tired of worrying about offense to people. I find that most people don’t even care enough to read through it, let alone be offended by it. Sadly, I’d probably have a bigger audience if people realized I was writing stuff they could be offended by.

On a super positive, creative note…I rented a cello. Random right? My sister inspired me and I went out and got one. I’ll post a link to my cello blog in my links section so if you’re interested, you can take a look at it. Don’t expect often updates, but it’ll be there just the same.

Projects: Le sigh. I’ve been really concentrating on my short fiction and I have hardly touched my two novels. They’re both ready for an overhaul. I think, now that the results of the 3-Day Novel contest are no longer looming over my head, I can move onto my next big thing. I believe I’m, going to work on my rewrite of Truth Beneath the Tide. In fact, as soon as I’m done updating the blog and website here, I’ll go work on my spreadsheet and get it downloading onto my fancy new tablet! See, you, my invisible audience, has already inspired me to be productive. See why I keep you around?


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