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November 11, 2011 by Tiffany A. Robbins

I’m sitting here in the midst of my second bout with NaNoWriMo and suffering the regret of allowing my husband to read what I’ve written so far. Keep in mind, this is raw first draft stuff. I haven’t even reread it since entering it into the good old word processor.

I came home from work yesterday. I know he’s had the day off with a printed copy of my words. I can see it laying there on the coffee table with the staple corner well bent.

He says nothing. I know it must be bad. We sit down and eat dinner, he’s made chicken pot pie and its very pretty. I compliment him on the way it looks. After we’re well into our pie, he starts fishing for a compliment on the flavor.

I tell him its good. Then I ask if he needs commendation to make him feel good about his accomplishments. Poor guy, he knows I’m referring to my story. Then, he drops the bomb. My character is two-dimensional. She has Bella Swan syndrome – two guys to love her yet she has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Ouch. I knew she’d be tough to write. I hate writing from a woman’s perspective. Just the same, I had hopes that I had improved in that area of my writing.

I guess I have some revisiting to do with her. Already, I’m thinking of ways to add dimension to her character. On a good note, he doesn’t think she is a total rewrite. He says that he is left with the desire to want to like her. I just need to give him reasons to like her.

So, I’m off now to write the 3rd section of my book from a man’s perspective. I’ll get back to her in a few weeks when I’ve had a moment to ponder her and I’ve finished the end. It might help me to better understand her character if I know who she needs to be at the end of the story.

I raise my water-glass in solute to all of those people who brave to write female characters. They are insanely tough for me.


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