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August 9, 2011 by Tiffany A. Robbins

Alrighty, where did I leave off? I’ve been supposed to be working on my re-write of Truth Beneath the Tide. I did get some nice progress made, but I’m still far from finished. It makes my brain hurt attempting to tell the whole story from a different point of view.

Instead, I’ve been focusing on doing my legwork prep for Justice to the Yeti. I blame J. Towim for all of her enthusiasm for our writing weekend coming up. She is really keeping me motivated to get writing on this thing. She is splurging on me and getting us a really great hotel room for Labor day weekend so that we can write. I’m so excited to spend the time creating with my sister. She is a great muse.

I finished reading Crichton’s State of Fear. About 300 pages into it, I remembered that I’ve read it before. That’s really not a good sign. I can’t bash it too much however because his passing is still too fresh for me, and I adore any chance I get to read his works. Its kind of depressing to think that all the Crichton books we have are all we’re ever going to have.

I also finished The Jericho Iteration by Allen Steele. It was wonderful and amazing. I had to laugh at a lot of places just because he makes so many logical leaps about the direction that technology was going in the mid-90s, and yet, technology went different places. It was kind of nostalgic in a way to remember how excited we were for the future of VR and those type of things. He did use a lot of “palm top” computers which were very similar to the smart phones and pads we are using now. I’d have to say he nailed that part. I must admit that I really love post-disaster fiction. It was an automatic win for me.


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