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March 14, 2011 by Tiffany A. Robbins

For a very long time, I have admired the author Orson Scott Card for his writing theories. He’s helped me in my own writing as much as any other author has. He has a saying to “Plant weeds between the rows”, which I am constantly attempting to follow.

My husband has always tried to get me to read his books, especially Ender’s Game. I’ve always been very interested in reading them, but there has always been an excuse. Last Monday, he handed me Ender’s Game and said, “No more excuses.”

After three days and very little sleep, I must announce a new favorite book of mine. I adore Ender and his world. I love that Orson Scott Card appreciates that children don’t think like children. From his introduction to the book (which I didn’t read until after I read it), I gather he received criticism for this aspect of the book. To those critics I would ask, “What day do you remember waking up and thinking like an adult? When you dream of being a child, do you think in a more childlike way? As a child, do you remember thinking that adults thought in a more adult fashion?” I believe most of us would have to admit that our thinking process and thinking character has changed little from when we were children. We just have more knowledge to pull from in our thinking, which yields better, more mature results. If, as a seven year old, we had the capacity for knowledge which Ender possessed, we too may have thought very similarly to him. I don’t think we should discount children because of our own skewed perspectives of how a child should think.

I also love the way the children in the story view their parents as completely ignorant and unknowledgeable. I also love how the parents have no interest in changing their children’s views of them.

I think the relationship that Ender has with his unknown bugger enemies is beautiful and the work of a poet.

I know that his is a book I’ll cherish for many years. My husband already has big plans for me to read the rest of the Ender books and I look forward to the adventure.


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