My Favorite Authors and Books

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March 10, 2011 by Tiffany A. Robbins

Robert A. Heinlein – I adore Heinlein even though I don’t adore all of his works. I love to love his work and I love to hate his work. I love his simplistic approach to science fiction where his stories are character driven, yet you don’t have to love the character. His ability to portray a fantastic scientific world without the tedium of explaining the whys and hows facinate me. I also love to see how his views of women change throughout the decades he writes in. His works show how peoples ignorant opinions and views can be overcome with time and education. Some of my favorites of his works include: Tunnel in the SkyRed PlanetCitizen of the Galaxy, and Variable Star (co-writen by Spider Robinson).

Allen Steele and His Coyote Series of Books – These books made me realize how much I want to write. While reading this series, I decided that I love low-tech science fiction about colonizing distant worlds. I’m fascinated by the pioneering spirit and by people who have to live off the land.

Tad Williams and His Books Otherland and Tailchaser’s Song – Tad has an amazing imagination which he shares with us through his books. He is also an extremely accessible author in that he has a very public facebook page which he is very active on. Otherland is an orgy of visual worlds that just keep coming and coming. Tailchaser’s Song is one of the most magical pieces of mythology I’ve ever read.

Magnus by Sigmund Brouwer – My favorite book as a teenager

Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards – My favorite book as a kid

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka – I hate that people always try to analyze this book. Sometimes a roach is just a roach.


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